Walldorf, Sept 25, 2017

A partnership kicks off between TIS, the leading SaaS solution for the management of company-wide payments and cash flows, and 2FX Treasury, the treasury consulting firm based in the Netherlands and specialized in solutions for international payments in emerging markets, corporate treasury management and foreign exchange risk management.

TIS welcomes another valuable addition to the TIS TOGETHER Partner program, which has been gaining significant momentum throughout the year. 2FX Treasury, based in Almere, The Netherlands, joins the program as a platform partner. Following an efficient onboarding and training process, 2FX Treasury and TIS have already signed their first joint customer.

Optimizing processes and increasing efficiency within treasury organizations as a common goal
Both partners share a clear strategic vision: finance and treasury professionals require support in the form of streamlined processes, secure payments and intelligent decision-making support via SaaS.
“Because we believe that efficient (internal) cash flows are an essential basis for controlled growth, we have chosen a strategic partnership with a software provider specialized in corporate payments. Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) has a worldwide network of banks with which they can connect host a host-to-host connection, have an extensive database of payment formats and is compatible with virtually all accounting systems such as SAP, Oracle, or other financial systems,” says Kees Lakerveld of 2FX Treasury. “Through this collaboration, we can offer customized solutions and have specific knowledge for efficient and effective implementation in your company,” adds 2FX Treasury co-founder Réne Schilder.

Raising awareness and sharing best practices in the treasury community
As part of the mission to share experiences and assist others in finance and treasury roles to avoid common pitfalls, the two companies are hosting a variety of best practice sessions in the upcoming months. First up is an educational and interactive webinar on Oct. 19th. The online discussion, entitled “Corporate Payments Optimization: How to reduce complexity in your business”, will allow participants to ask their questions and gain tips and insights into more effective cash management methods.

“We deliver SMART payments and BETTER decisions to customers through our Software as a Service. While doing so, Partnerships with knowledgeable sparring partners such as this one with 2FX Treasury are a strategic component of our 2020 growth plan, partners joining our TOGETHER PARTNER program will create additional value add for our customers. Besides that, our scalability and speed of growth increases,” explains Joerg Wiemer, CEO of TIS.


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About TIS
TIS is the leading cloud platform for managing corporate payments and cash flows. TIS enable companies to make more efficient, more secure and more cost-effective payment transactions. In addition, TIS enables customers to make better decisions when analysing financial and operational performance, based on real-time payment flows. All mission-critical processes related to payment transactions are integrated into a multibank-capable, audit-proof cloud platform. This is a single point of contact for enterprise customers when managing and analysing their payment flows across the organisation. TIS takes care of managing various payment formats, communication channels with banks, and ERP-agnostic integration. Offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), the ISO certified TIS solutions are quickly up and running without the complexity and cost of a long IT project.

About 2FX Treasury
2FX Treasury is a treasury boutique specialized in Corporate Treasury optimization, Trade Finance, and FX risk management. We have a wealth of experience in the financial industry and an extensive international network we can leverage. Via In-depth process and product knowledge, innovative but pragmatic solutions, strong partnerships, and outstanding customer service we want to help our clients to be more efficient and reduce risk. As Treasury experts, we have successfully helped customers to select and implement treasury management systems. Our strategic partnership with TIS enables us to improve our knowledge basis further and optimize implementation to make sure the TIS platform is used to its full capabilities.

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