The foreign exchange (FX) revenue models of banks are increasingly under pressure. Customers are more demanding, margins are getting tighter and there is more competition from non-banking payment service and liquidity providers.

Coming from the industry we know that for many banks combining FX payment products with Markets risk instruments is a challenge. Markets is responsible for risk management and Transaction Banking responsible for the customer and product. Both business lines don't always speak the same language which can lead to miscommunication and project delays.

2FX Treasury is an expert in the field of transactional FX (tFX). With our background in Markets combined with knowledge of Transaction Banking products, we are able to act as an interface between these two business lines. As we have been actively building tFX propositions over the last years we have a good insight in available payment products, service providers, and pricing. 


To make this more tangible through real life examples we have:
• developed and implemented an FX payment pricing model across a bank's international country network
• developed an integrated automated and manual pricing functionality for a payment system
• harmonized and centralized tailored manual pricing for transactional FX payments into one location for twelve countries
• Increased automated pricing (STP) by more than 90%
• Developed and implemented an FX payment pricing model for incoming and outgoing SEPA payments (none euro debit or credit account)
• Supported the development of a Chinese Renminbi (CNH) proposition for incoming and outgoing payments in Renminbi

As a result of the projects we’ve worked on and the expertise we've built up over the years our solutions are not common in the banking industry. Due to this specialization, we don't think the same way as most organizations including banks. We therefore believe that we can add value to your organization with expertise not easy to find in the market.

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