The financial landscape is changing rapidly. As a result of stricter regulation and changing market conditions, banks are reconsidering the services they want to offer and the countries they want to be in. Venture capitalists and banks are investing billions of euros into new Fintech solutions. Via the cloud, new financial software is brought to the market which was previously only affordable for large corporates. And all this against a backdrop of an increasingly demanding customer, increasing globalization, political uncertainty, and complex regulations.

Coming from the financial services industry, I recognize this trend. My company, 2FX Treasury, aims to support corporates, banks and financial institutions with customized solutions and advice.

I believe that I can help my clients to be more efficient and reduce risk as I:

  • have experience with setting up payment routes and trade finance solutions for emerging markets.
  • know the sanctions, restrictions and (compliance) regulations regarding international payment transactions and currencies.
  • have knowledge of banks, their financial products and how they should be used to enable transactions.
  • can help clients to optimize their treasury.
  • can advise and support clients with TMS selection and implementation.
  • in addition to a strategic partnership with a TMS supplier, I have a network of reliable Fintech vendors offering solutions in various areas.
  • understand how the foreign exchange market and products work and can help with risk management (currency hedging)
  • have worked internationally for many years and understand that different countries and cultures demand a different approach every time to be successful
  • have an international network of banks, financial institutions, and professionals that I can involve if necessary.


Integrity is one of my core values. Coming from the financial industry, I know that trust is the basis of all relationships. I therefore firmly believe that it is important to be a reliable and honest partner for my customers. I am committed to treat my clients fairly, work towards transparent and understandable solutions which are in the best interest of my clients.


I use a transparent chessboard as an illustration on this website. For me the chess game symbolizes: strategy, tactics, arithmetic, analysis, but also creating space, creativity, and well thought out policy.

I am aware of the lack of transparency in the financial world, often as a result of complex products and legal conditions. I can help you better understand the financial world by proposing transparent solutions. At 2FX Treasury, my goal is to help you understand the alternatives and the underlying risks. Decision making based on a balanced judgment is therefore of great importance.

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