Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) is the leading cloud platform for managing company payments and cash flows, enabling companies to make more efficient, secure, and cost-effective payments. TIS has a proven track record and is used by several leading companies in Europe.

Characteristics TIS:

  • TIS is the leading cloud platform for managing corporate payments and cash flows.

  • TIS enables corporates to make more efficient, more secure and more cost-effective payment transactions.

  • Also, TIS allows customers to make better decisions when analyzing financial and operational performance, based on real-time cash flows. All mission-critical processes related to payment transactions are integrated into a multibank-capable, audit-proof cloud platform. 

  • TIS is a single point of contact for enterprise customers when managing and analyzing their cash flows across the organization.

  • TIS takes care of managing various payment formats, communication channels with banks, and ERP-agnostic integration. Offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), the ISO certified TIS solutions are quickly up and running without the complexity and cost of a long IT project.

Through this collaboration, we can offer customized solutions and have specific knowledge for efficient and effective implementation in your company.



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