2FX Treasury partners with a number of strategic partners. Through this cooperation, we want to broaden our customer proposition and for specific topics work towards a total solution.  We believe that in a world of increasing complexity reliable and good quality partners contribute to customer satisfaction and fit into a modern service concept. The partners we work with are international companies and professionals, each with their own knowledge network and expertise.


From a treasury perspective businesses that are internationally active predominantly require insight into their bank balances, cash flows and need an efficient corporate payment process. To improve our client proposition, 2FX Treasury has entered into a partnership with Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS)

2FX Treasury is authorized agent of TIS and sells and implements this TMS solution independently. Through this collaboration, we can offer customized solutions and have specific knowledge for efficient and effective implementation in your company.

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Menas Associates and 2FX Treasury are two boutique firms who will be working closely in assisting clients in effectively managing political, strategic and financial risks in emerging markets.

The collaboration between 2FX Treasury and Menas Associates will be focused on multifaceted support for companies in countries that face huge transactional threats and difficulties. The combined knowledge of 2FX Treasury and Menas Associates will help all clientele who face issues with international payments or cash management in this rapidly changing and increasingly regulatory time, in such countries that include Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, and Argentina.

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